Spathiphyllum Gover Peace Lily Indoor Plant (80cm / 40cm)

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Care: Natural indirect / artificial bright light is ideal for peace lily plant growth.
>Poke your finger/plain small stick into the soil to check the moisture. Apply 1 cup (Approx. 50 ml) water when the top soil (1-2 inch) in pot feels dry to touch. Do not overwater the plant.
>Soil should be well drain and fertile, rich in organic content.
>18 - 24°C
>During the main growing season feed the plant with organic fertilizer once a month.

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      Common Problems 1. Should I cut yellow leaves off my peace lily? Pruning the yellow leaves from the base is important, but it is important to address the cause of the yellowing leaves. Yellowing of the leaves is a sign of under watering your peace lily or exposing it to direct sunlight.
      2. Peace Lily is turning yellow: The most apparent cause for yellowing leaves in a peace lily is either underwatering or overwatering. Fix a regular watering schedule and water once the topsoil is dry to touch.
      3. Peace Lily is dying: Both too much and too little water can kill your Peace Lily. Adjust your watering schedule to see your plant safe. One other major cause can be too much direct sun

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